You Never Know When the Underworld Will Call. {poetry}


You never really know for sure when
the underworld will call you for a visit
sometimes it is instantaneous
like Persephone being gathered up by Hades
the unexpected loss of job, relationship or identity
the sudden strike of death, illness or injury
a burst of insanity
One moment you are standing,
the next
you have been hung up to rot

other times it can be slow, intentional
Inanna traveling bravely through the seven gateways
the snake quietly shedding skin
the phoenix as it cycles towards ash
the caterpillar dissolving into the cocoon
and even still
in the subtlety
the irreversible shock
the queen of heaven slain
the phoenix stirring from smoke
the snake opens its eyes
the butterfly fights for freedom

You never really know
when the underworld is going to call
oh, there are cycles, seasons
planetary predictions
the late autumn as the veils thin
the dark lunar phase
Venus hiding behind the sun
as she is right now
You might think you know these things
You might think you have been educated
you might feel you have a connection
an extra-sensory perception
with the deities, daemons and guides of the depths
Lilith, Hecate
Kali, Charon
Hel, Mercury

and you might
but while wearing tender human flesh
while wielding a beating human heart
these unceremonious visits
will always tear you apart
will always bring you to your knees
will always
give you
exactly what you need
these visits require sacrifice
they demand complete pure raw humility
they insist you release every weapon
every wisdom
who you think you are
what you love most
your deepest, darkest fears
they test you in the most breathtaking ways possible
they take the last thing you would ever expect
your most precious treasures
your dearest possessions
are the price of admission

You never really know
when the underworld will call
so the next time
you place an ear to the earth,
curious, invoking,
then come to
and realize that you
have been drawn,
dragged, danced
into the underworld,
remember, this is the oldest ceremony
the most profound healing
be silent
be satisfied
it is primal
it is perfect
it is unquestionable
so surrender,
surrender, surrender
to what is ready to die

Re-member, the medicine
is in the submission.
The magic
is in the empathy of offering it all up
giving in
to feeling
the rage
the grief
the ache
yours and mine
hers and theirs
giving in
to feeling all the pain
we all have
the whole world
we all hold on to
let it be seen
witnessed and released
it will repay your debts
it will set your soul free
and maybe even liberate the spirit of another

Trust those who love you
are already pleading for your safe return
they will beg the sun, the moon, the powers that be
they will ensure with everything they have that
the food of life
the waters of life
are on their way
as it has been said,
if you are going
through hell,
keep going,
for just as sure
as the initiation is painful,
the rebirth
will be beautiful.


Bekah Finch is a teacher, astrological guide, single mother and nature worshipper. With an MA in ecopsychology, and thousands of hours of experience with movement, mysticism, ritual and earth-based wisdom, she is passionate about offering practices that allow embodiment of our soul purpose through simple ceremony. Bekah adores the planets and stars as much as she reveres the elemental cycles and seasons, and looks to the great above and the great below for inspiration. For more information on virtual classes, workshops, private sessions and more, you can check out https://linktr.ee/bekahmariefinch.


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