If You Change Nothing, Nothing Changes.


We all know this. We all have had it said to us at some point, I am sure!

But what is often not said is that we can’t change something if we are not conscious that it needs changing.

This is why I love accessing the Akashic records just so so so much!

The Akashic records can allow us to bring to our awareness what we have been unaware of.

The clarity and understanding that can come from shining a light on what drives so much of our unconscious thinking, action and reaction in life and business never ceases to excite and amaze me.

But what is even more incredible is the effect that having that consciousness creates in a person’s life and business.

When we know better, we can do better.

When we know what has been holding us stuck in a pattern (sometimes for lifetime after lifetime), we can consciously choose to respond and act differently to the way we have always just automatically and unconsciously behaved.

Take my client V for example.

When we read her records, we discovered that she had a contract of healing held open. V had been having the unfortunate experience of attracting the wrong type of clients to her clinic — the ones who were needy, not ready to take responsibility for themselves, and just wanting to blame others for their problems (we all know these clients don’t often get good results).

After creating the awareness of this energetic interference, we created an action plan for V to start reprogramming her patterning.

And so, through her own consciousness and actions, V was able to filter out the less desirable clients and attract and accept her ideal clients — the ones who were ready to run with the value and wisdom she had to share and implement the changes into their own lives.

V couldn’t make these changes before we did her session (or at least not easily) because she wasn’t aware that she had an unconscious beacon calling to potential clients that heralded ‘I am here to fix you, come dump all your problems on me and I’ll sort it all out for you’.

With Akashic clearing and V’s dedicated and conscious reprogramming, she has now created a magnetic vibration of ‘I am here to show you the way if you are ready to accept responsibility for yourself and what needs to be done to change what you want to change’.

Feel the difference in the vibration of what she was and is putting out there and the type of client she will attract with each?

When V knew better, she was able to do better.

When V knew what the unconscious programming was, she was able to consciously reprogram to something that served her and her business more deeply and effectively.

So, my friends, know this: things change, when we know what it is that needs to change.


Rai O’Brien is a neuro-linguistic kinesiologist, an Akashic business alignment specialist, and creator of the Akashic Business Alignment System (ABAS). She has engaged with the self-development and natural therapies realms for over 25 years, and brings a wealth of knowledge to her work, which now is predominantly working with female entrepreneurs to access their Akashic records for deeper understanding of themselves and their businesses, as well as awareness of what stands in their way of success (and what to do about it). Rai loves a challenge, sees patterns where others see chaos, and gets a thrill out of doing the things that everyone says can’t be done. She cheers on anyone else tackling these things too!


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