Free the Wild Beast Inside You. {poetry}


You were wild once.

Feel the wild beast inside you, waiting to be freed.
Waiting to be unlocked from the cage within.
It is trapped.
Locked away for safekeeping.
Blindfolded, bound, silenced.
But not for long.

This beast knows itself.
This beast embodies its truest untamed essence.
It comes from the wilds of your soul, you see.
This beast is all that it is meant to be.
Connected to all that is.
To earth, air, fire, water, ether.
To the great mystery.

It feels the rage of a thunderstorm, the devastation of a hurricane.
It is intimate with the fizzle of electricity before the lightning cracks.
It understands the flow and crash of the rising powerful sea.
It knows the calm and peaceful strength of the highest redwood to the smallest pine.
It merges with the swelter of the desert, with the magnificent stillness of the mountain.

The beast within has not been domesticated by an overly cautious, overly stifled, overly soul-starved society,
Even if the body that contains it has.
Even if you have been conditioned by a society concerned with fitting in,
With appearing a certain way,
With an ache to be different from that which we are,
This beast remains innately free.

This societal labyrinth has molded and shaped us.
This machine has ground us into submission.
Yet still the beast growls, the beast howls,
The beast awaits the hour of release.

Is it time, yet, for freedom?

Shh. Be still.

Can you feel the beast’s pulse?
The more you ignore it, the more it grows.
The more the beast snarls.
The more it writhes in pain within you,
Longing to break out.
Desperately testing the strength of the bars,
Checking for weakness in the fencing that surrounds it.

Can you sense the purity within its ferocity?
A wrath laced with innocence, like the scream of a baby calling for nourishment.

Do you feel it wrestling within your ribcage aching to be unleashed
Every time you dance but hold back,
Every time you are tethered by inhibition,
Concern for others’ peering eyes, and fear of silent judgments?

Do you feel it aching to assert its powerful presence
Every time you make a decision with trepidation,
Plagued with self-doubt?

Do you feel it clawing its way up your throat
Every time you speak but self-censor,
Bound by the voices inside and outside who tell you what you have to say is wrong, or stupid, or meaningless, or too much?

The beast will be heard.
It comes from the wilds of your soul, you know.
The beast will grow louder,
Louder, louder still,
Until you hear.

The beast knows Truth.
The beast knows Self.
The beast knows Soul.
The beast knows Purpose.
The beast knows Healing.
The beast knows that you are a divine being of the earth, sea, and sky.
You are Everything and more.

Know this:
You can trust this wild creature within.
It will fulfill your anguished longing.
It will grant you all you desire.

For the wild one has never been severed from its anchor,
Its roots,
Its mother,
This wild holy earth.
And your blazing cosmic soul.

It knows the way.

Listen to its wisdom.
Let the wild one out.

Discover the key. Open.

Be free.


Jen Wyatt is a circle facilitator, yoga instructor, and retreat leader, who just launched a new online journey to help you shed your skin and return to your wild soul self, Return to the Wilds. She also hosts an online womxn’s circle and membership called Temple of the Wild Wanderer. Jen holds a Master of Arts degree in Teaching, a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, is a certified yoga instructor at the 500-hour level, and is a Reiki healer. She believes that liberation of the true authentic self — in all its weirdness and wildness — is the key to lasting happiness and fulfillment. Jen guides others to come home to themselves by connecting deeply with the earth, with nature’s cycles and rhythms, and with the depths of our often buried imagination and creativity. Through movement, ritual, story medicine, and activating imagination, Jen guides you to find freedom and homecoming within your own being. May all beings be wild and free.


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