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Life Is a Precious Exchange Of Energy: Beauty Matters.

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Life once centered on what we could receive and give to the planet and each other. Giving and receiving was the way of life force exchange.

We gave our focus to life, living in harmony and beautiful ways.

We decorated our bodies with plant juices, colored our clothes with natural dyes, sang and danced with rhythms of drums, rattles, and voices. Then we became civilized and conditioned by an outside world that was focused on commerce. We began to believe that was more important than our connection to ourselves, each other, and the planet.

Our consciousness was diverted by television, newsfeeds, cell phones and social media bombarding us every waking moment with more and more information we feel we need to know.

We no longer feel what is important or remember how to hear our own inner voices. Our bodies no longer have a clear or direct avenue to our minds. Our innate intelligence becomes secondary and atrophies. That magnificent body that digests our food, beats our hearts, and is possible of creating a new human being is no longer trusted or honored daily.

I wonder where we, as a species, lost the beauty of purely living on this planet in a magnificent body. And in exchange for what?

What have we truly expanded, using our most valuable tool: our consciousness?

That is the state of What-Is but there is a new moment, new potentials and new understandings brewing. The very strong winds of change are upon us. We are becoming enlightened to the reality of energy exchange. We do not necessarily need to return to old ways, for these are new times. We are on the brink of creating a world beyond what our minds have ever conceived in the past.

But first there needs to be a return to understanding energy (our own and everything else on the planet), beauty (the creative force of nature) and honoring our inner voices (our blood contains ancient wisdom).

As a young single mother, I lived in a small Midwest town. It was the summer home of Frank Lloyd Wright, Taliesin East. He had passed many years before my arrival, but his original Fellowship of apprentices continued the Wright traditions.

It was a profound education in the ways and importance of beauty for me. Every Friday night, there was a formal dinner that required tuxedos for men and formal gowns for women. Taliesin attracted interesting people from around the world. I was often invited to these dinners.

The women began the day by scouring the country roads for architecturally interesting vegetation. The afternoons were spent in arranging stunning large wild flower statements. And the entire space became filled with beauty. The men gathered food from Taliesin gardens and cooked. The meals were exquisitely prepared and presented. Each table was headed by a Taliesin Fellow for interesting conversation.

After dinner, we retreated to Mr. Wright’s living room or small theater for classical music or choral pieces sung and played by the Fellowship. There were many stories of those who knew Mr. Wright of his insistence on this beautiful way of life. He believed creativity is life force expressed through these ways.

It was known that Mr. Wright really never made a lot of money until his 80’s, but he never considered living in survival mode. He did not need things to make a beautiful life. There was nature, music, theater, and good companionship.

The lessons I learned there still serve me well today. I am choosing in the quiet moments after awakening to dedicate each day to awareness that life is a precious exchange of energy, and I consciously choose what I wish to expand. The world that is coming depends on my conscious choices in my life: the Now moment.

Often my mind fills with the words “Remember who you are and honor why you are here”.


Mariosa is a performing artist and Culture Creative (only slightly maladjusted). Her artistic endeavors take many forms from street and theater performances, to fashion modeling and writing. She lives alone with hundreds of friends in the culturally interesting Mexican town of San Miguel de Allende. You could contact her via Facebook or email.


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