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I Just Don’t Want to Anymore, I’ve Had Enough.


I don’t want to see your sacred dance or your holy practice!

I don’t want to know how deep the lion’s gate portal went for you or how many light codes you are downloading or how many rebirths you are having. I don’t want to see your body, or your one-hundredth selfie.

I don’t want to read the same words spewed out over and over in different syntax or how you are casting your light out over others in your light-worker’s uniform (which generally shows a lot of your skin). I don’t want to see your rose crown or your chalice or this next new man whom you are labeling again as soul mate, twin flame… blah blah blah.

I don’t want to see your yoga asanas or hear about the yoga that you don’t really do. I just don’t want to anymore, I’ve had enough. I’ve heard it all and I feel all the pain underneath it, all the lies you tell yourself and others. I see you and I still love you.

I want to see your real. I want to see your truth. I want to see and read and feel you… in your dark moments and in your heartache and in your ugly behaviors and in the shit. With your messy hair, and your ugly crying face, with your scruffy clothes on and your heart a mess. I want to see the real you. I want to show you the real me.

I want this more than anything as this chaos crumbles our illusions and shatters our distortions, as people see the bullshit we try to share… and there’s only our self that we are deceiving. I love you in the truth, the hard days, the bad times, the ugly days, and the days our practice is so sacred we dare not share it.

The Black Madonna, whenever I encounter her, brings out a truth that is hard for me to sit on… hard for me to hold. She cuts through the veils, the illusions, the shadow.

I am seeing the spiritual community in its lies more than ever — its vocabulary, its bandwagon celebrations, its narcissistic ways, its showing off, the way it hides the wounds and the pain. The way it hides the truth, believes the agenda, its New Age nuances, and know that this too will fall into the abyss of the descent.

And I am grateful that it will. May the raw, ugly truth keep revealing itself. May our messy self be what inspires people to grow, to be stronger, to face the hard times, the difficulties. May we show how we climb from there, may we reveal the true path out of our suffering into the light, into our sovereignty. May we be more humble, more self-reflective and allowing of our flaws and our wrongs.

Until we do, we are still caught in the old world of sin and damnation. We must allow ourselves to be real.

Free yourself from its hooks, take a long hard look at all you stand for, all you do, all you share, and call yourself out.


Collette Corcoran is a modern mystic with ancient roots. A spiritual seeker for over 25 years, she is the founder of The Sacred Rose Temple Mystery School, where she reaches women and men all over the world. Her quest for inner knowledge and the ancient healing arts allowed her to gather many modalities, extensive work in Womb Wisdom and Sacred Sexuality in which over many years she held retreats and taught online courses. Her work involves Feminine healing through the emotional body, sacred tantric dance, therapeutic practices and psycho-activating transmissions that delve into Jungian shadow work. She is centered in the mystical traditions and teaches often about the Christian mystics such as The Black Madonna and Mary Magdalene. Her online courses are life-changing and those who get to experience her work will all testify to the concrete changes they see in their lives.


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