Focus On Your Heart and Be Still.


Dear loved one,

What if one day you were to receive an anonymous letter which would contain the key to the deepest mystery since mankind? The solution to all of your problems and miseries, the revelation of what is really going on in life?

How would it be if by reading this one letter you would become free from all obstacles that crossed your path ever since? What if fear would fall away, doubt would shatter, and desperation would dissolve just by itself?

You might start reading the letter over and over again. Because you couldn’t believe that the struggles you met in life could disappear just like this. Maybe you would look on the backside of the sheet to seek for a hidden joke or for the author’s name so you could trace him/her. You might as well tear up the letter or even burn it because you can’t stand it to be betrayed.

Or, you fold it neatly and hide it in a drawer till you feel ready  to read the content again at another moment.

But… by having received the disclosure of something that you were convinced of you would never got to learn about in this lifetime, you also may feel a kind of thrill. There’s a chance that unconsciously your hand lands on your heart area and your breathing becomes deeper. A cautious smile, lowering of eyes… maybe a soft yes leaves from your lips.

Loved one, in the yes lies the receiving of truth. It is the opening of a heart long closed. The fulfilment of the longing to love and be loved in a much more expansive way than you could ever have thought of.

If you are still reading by now, I know you’re ready to free yourself and to change your perspective on life. Thank you for being with me here. It is your heart that matters so much to this world.

The letter would invite you to become still. And your mind might start figuring out how you could be still running a family, having a job, going to parties, etc. while also being still. It is possible. It’s about another kind of stillness. The kind that comes from a deep void that is around us everywhere. A space that is never interrupted, never damaged, never not in place, always here. And your heart, my dear, is the center of it.

This place is in you, flows through you, and is connected to all and everything. If separateness would be really possible, the Universe could not be a whole. We humans forgot how to connect with this space. We know how to link with thoughts, feelings and material things, but when it comes to flipping the coin and observing the world by coming from your heart, it seems like there’s a problem.

Because the peaceful space that your heart is holding is invisible, inaudible, untouchable. And so it stays secret to everyone who can’t make the shift in perceiving.

Dear loved one, this letter will bring you the revelation. Which is… do nothing.

What? WTF? Did you read this far only to find out about this? Doing nothing? Yes, my dear. I understand your reaction. Your mind is programmed with doing, acting, knowing, comprehending. Getting told to do nothing might feel like a flatliner for your brain. Because over decades it became addicted to action-reaction. Going on and on and on, day in day out. Your mind tended to chatter 24/7.

So… being still? Connecting with an invisible space in your heart? Doing nothing?

It might hit you that the key to the deepest mystery of mankind is put so simply and yet feels so undo-able that at this point you might throw the letter away. But please, loved one, wait.

Let me tell you this: if you accept an attitude of ‘I can’t’, then you already lost it. Know this: the essence of your intellect is nothing more than your perception of reality. The heart, on the other hand, is the center of all wisdom. The only access to it is by calming your mind down, focusing on your heart, and doing nothing. And waiting. Then your life starts living it by itself and circumstances start to change.

Because the radiance of the silent heart knows no imperfection. It is perfect just by itself. You are perfect. You’re in your heart only when your mind is absent, not involved with doing or thinking. Otherwise you are in a process of doing stillness instead of being still. Our pitfall is wanting to be this or that, but our duty is to be still. Centered in the heart. Doing nothing. Connected to all.

At first, it will take some willpower to remain centered, calm and peaceful. You can only stop the flow of thoughts by refusing to have any interest in it. By doing nothing. Because thoughts always try to make you do something. Just give up the notion that you are so and so. Direct your attention to your heart where silence always awaits you.

Know this: when you remain silent in the heart, you will understand another by means of the universal language of silence. Because peace of heart is your natural state. It’s your mind that destroys it. So again, do nothing. Focus on your heart. Be still. Experiences will come naturally, even if you don’t wait or look for them. Circumstances will start to change. By themselves.

You’re here with a mission, my love: making your heart-connection the only authority in your life and surrounding yourself with the radiant presence of silence. You are perfect.

Yours sincerely,

Your spiritual friend


Marina Tielke is a Dutch creative writer of spiritual and psychological novels, fables and articles. She is a life-artist who adopted the opinion that sustainability starts by being whole and living our full love-potential on this earth. She gets her inspiration from nature, own groundbreaking life-events and her former profession as a body-oriented psychotherapist. She lives her life as a modern hermit from truth, simplicity and sowing love.


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