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Don’t Vibrate at Someone Else’s Frequency.


We’re so busy these days keeping up with this busy world we live in that when most people think about their personal wellness journey or finding themselves and their sense of self-love, they think, “Oh yeah, I should start that one day,” while at the same time caught up in the hustle and bustle of the stimulating world we live in.

We’re too busy looking for likes, matching energies and trying to be liked, or trying to fit in, to notice that when we live life not looking for likes and validation, taking up space instead of matching energies, and standing out from the crowd with your freak flag waving, life gets a lot simpler. You will attract the right people instead of weeding through duds, and your frequency will be your own.

We’re all so caught up in our phones, wondering when someone is going to text or message back, or scrolling our social media feeds one more time to see if that picture got any likes. Of course, we want to be liked. We want to be appreciated and valued, but what if we spent all that time and energy just doing the things we love?

I used to think it was such a Hallmark saying telling people to learn to love themselves, but really consider how much time you invest thinking about the social media feed, your messages, hoping that joke was funny… simply just trying and hoping for people to like you.

This is the part that’s inauthentic. Matching energies with people is emotional labor. It’s a symptom of being so co-dependent that you need people to like you, that you’d rather act in whatever way they’d approve of, whatever version of you will suit whoever you’re with, instead of just being you. And taking the time and effort it takes to figure out who you are is so important.

Or else you’ll just wander around people-pleasing, avoiding the things you feel resonate with you, the things that are meant for you, and getting everyone to like whatever version of you it is that they’ll approve of, instead of taking up space, and being the you that you’re meant to be.

Don’t match frequencies, create your own. Then find people whose frequency already matches yours!

“Your vibe attracts your tribe.” ~ Mara Prose

That means you will attract what and who is truly meant for you, by tuning into your unique frequency and letting the real you shine! Not by trying to copy everyone else’s frequency just to be liked. The world is full of people just trying to fit in, simultaneously wondering why they’re lost and feeling a sense of searching for direction.

History needs trendsetters, not followers. Some of the most influential people in history were ridiculed, ostracized, and made fun of for being different, but they knew without listening to the naysayers that they were not here to be held back by ordinary people.

There’s a little spark of madness that makes onlookers wonder if these people were touched by Source, or they’re tapping into their higher self, or just plain crazy. This fire inside that makes them burn through the pages of history. People like Robin Williams, Ross Edgley or Arnold Schwarzenegger didn’t try to do what others would approve of, or else we simply wouldn’t know their names today.

Stop trying to fit in and take up some damn space.

Be a trailblazer, a trendsetter, and someone who people look at and just can’t fathom the frequency you’re operating on or how you got there.

Today my affirmation of the day was, what if you just turned your magic all the way on? I believe that strongly applies to what I’m saying here. What if you just got up one day, stopped trying to attract ideal friends and partners to like you, and you just start living the version of you that takes up space and doesn’t ask for permission?

Do your favorite things because you want to, try yoga because you’re interested and don’t need to wait for a friend to tell you it’s not their thing, go to that breathwork class because you’re drawn to it, or meditate, say daily affirmations, talk to people about your weird esoteric spiritual journey, practice gratitude, or do anything in this life because you want to.

So today you can get up, turn your magic all the way on, and tune into your frequency and energy of what makes you You. Don’t wait to match someone else’s energy to get their approval, and don’t vibrate at someone else’s frequency.

This is your sign to be the wildest influential, weird, positive, and healthy version of you that you have in your head, without seeking anyone’s permission or validation but yours to be that way.

If any of this resonates with you, don’t hesitate to comment.


Jordan Forget is a loving father, a healer, and a seeker of the Old Norse wisdom. He draws from his background in kinesiology and his reiki training to provide his clients with a path to healing and balance. He has dedicated himself to helping others through this holistic approach, and is committed to continuing on his own shamanic path. Through his practice, he aims to demystify the road to being healthy and whole, and strives to provide his clients with the tools and training to be the best possible version of themselves. You could buy his 8-week transformation workbook on Amazon, and contact him via Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, or email.


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