A Euclidean Curse of Parallel Lines. {poetry}


I have always been fascinated with ancient sciences and the sacredness of geometry.

The definition of geometry is “the area of mathematics relating to the study of space and the relationships between points, lines, curves, and surfaces,” but if you look deeper beneath the surface, more intuitively, you will see it in its sacredness, as the blueprint of creation.

Shapes, patterns, and codes that reveal deep wisdom, symbols connecting us to a higher consciousness, and what some believe to be the architecture behind the formation of the universe.

Although geometry has its roots in Ancient Egypt, it had many contributors from different civilizations and cultures, including the Greek mathematician, Euclid of Alexandria, who was the most influential earning his nickname “father of geometry”.

He was otherworldly brilliant and was able to gather information that was incredibly difficult to understand and simplify it in a way that made sense through his mathematical treatise of 13 books called “The Elements”.

Within the first book, alongside axioms and definitions, there were five self-evident truths known as postulates, the fifth and most complicated postulate is where you will find the implied existence of parallel lines.

This truth was so different than the others, most scholars referred to it as a theorem, and mathematicians spent the next two thousand years trying to make sense of it, including the Stoic philosopher and fellow Greek mathematician, Posidonius of Rhodes, who discovered that parallel lines are equidistant.

So basically what that tells us is, geometry is ancient and sacred and full of symbolism, and that parallel lines are lines within the same plane that are unable to touch and are always an equal distance away from each other. How utterly and beautifully tragic…

Being the big puddle of lovey-dovey mush I am, it’s easy for me to disconnect from the math and the logic and immediately start romanticizing the sacred relationship between the two lines, their cosmic love story, and the Thalia and Melpomene symbolism of the immense blessing of your soul having another half and the immense tragedy of never meeting them.

Is it possible that somewhere out there my other half is stuck in some reality mirroring mine? Am I stuck in some reality mirroring his? Are we in perfect alignment, divinely and celestially made for each other, written in the stars but cursed to never meet? Time will tell, but until then…


We were formulated
in the cosmos
by astral scribes
who graphed us
into this same
three-dimensional plane
to be perfect reflections
of true love’s divinity

Four arms, four legs
one head
made of two faces
to then be split
by the gods
to spend eternity
searching for
our one soul’s remembrance

Locked in
anima’s embrace
we fell from the stars
and into a Euclidean curse
of parallel lines
destined to travel
lifetimes in
perfect alignment
yet ill-fated
to never meet

Star-crossed to never cross
trapped in a
Posidonius plight
to forever remain
in equidistant agony
unable to touch.

{Photo credit: J. Davis}


Nicole Schimke is a mother and a lover of the Divine. She is a seeker of the Great Mystery and recognized on the Astral plane. She is a Wiccan Witch based out of Moon Rock Mountain, Georgia.


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