Do You Remember: My Love Story. {poetry}


This is the only poem I have ever written that has brought me to tears while writing it.

It was a boring afternoon at work and I was aimlessly scrolling through Facebook to pass the time when I came across a post a friend had written that shook me to my core. I quickly jotted it down in the notes section of my phone and stared at it for a few minutes. “I hope by the time we stumble upon each other I still have a soul.”

What a profound and visceral statement, which immediately sent my emo soul into a state of deep sadness and longing, so I tried to let the emotions flow through me and I went about my day, but for some reason the same phrase kept replaying over and over in my mind and I just couldn’t shake it. “I hope by the time we find each other our souls sing the same song because these years have changed our tunes.”

What was my soul trying to tell me?

I opened my notes section back up as I sat there in silence, and the next thing I knew I was crying and the words were flowing as freely from my sad little soul as the tears from my sad little eyes. I knew I had tapped into something real and cosmic and beautiful because I could feel the sparkles of my divine truth vibrating in every inch of my body.

I dropped into a trance, and every line written activated a memory deep within my being, and within each memory was contained a certain pattern of auric colors, activating symbols that had long been dormant, and for that one moment lost within this poem, things made sense and I remembered why.

This is my love story. This is my remembrance.


Do you remember?
Past lives and past deaths?

The liminal space between the two
and the way we would dance amongst the stars?

Do you remember
a long twinkling hallway with two doors
one on each end
suspended in time and space
where we would enter and exit the cosmos?

The crossroads of our shared soul’s existence?

Where we go to find our remembrance?

Do you remember?
Sitting in the void of the Great Mother’s womb
to heal and grow young again together?

Two lovers running in heavenly bliss
through fields of sunflowers and roses
seraphim-winged breezes
and our childlike laughter?

Do you remember
promises whispered amongst crystalline tears
and soul contracts signed in celestial blood?

Sitting on a foggy mountain peak
next to a cascading waterfall
knowing the hourglass will soon be turned
and nothing is ever guaranteed in three-dimensional planes?

Not even remembrance.

Do you remember?
Sending synchronicities through the waters
for us to find in our lifetime to come?

The termas?
The hidden gems we hid deep within our dreams
that would set our souls ablaze in remembrance?

Do you remember
making our way back to the hallway?

Where our souls would once again be ripped apart
to exit the cosmos
to travel back down to earth
to fulfill our dharma as two separate entities?

Do you remember?
Opening the door?
Our one last glance back at each other
and the red cord connecting us?
Do you remember falling?

Beloved, I remember.


Nicole Schimke is a mother and a lover of the Divine. She is a seeker of the Great Mystery and recognized on the Astral plane. She is a Wiccan Witch based out of Moon Rock Mountain, Georgia.


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