Let’s Meet Each Other in Sacred Space. {poetry}


Being demisexual, I have never been interested nor satisfied in the superficiality of casual dating and sex.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure it can be fun, but in order for me to be interested in someone I need a deep connection and an even deeper sense of intimacy. I need to feel so intertwined with my lover’s soul that we melt into one, so by the time we do make love, we’ve transcended dimensions and are capable of manifesting dreams coming true.

While writing this poem, one past lover in particular came to mind and how we’d make love without even touching, getting so lost within the vastness of each other’s deranged souls that time stood still and nothing else existed. Nothing was taboo. Secrets, traumas, hopes, goals, dreams. Everything was fair game.

There were nights we read to each other, wrote poetry together, laughed, cried, or just lay there in complete silence, breathing together in one perfect rhythm. Together in those moments, everything felt like magick and this was how our sacred space was created, our beautiful and safe place of refuge and healing.

Within a sacred space, it truly is transcendental what souls are capable of achieving when they come together to meet in perfect love and perfect trust. For us, after all those nights spent together, souls completely raw and naked, words already spoken, we developed a lover’s telepathy where we could astral project and explore other dimensions together.

We were also able to communicate without words and visit each other in thought throughout the day.

As the relationship went on, we realized that not everything is meant to last forever, and although we loved each other deeply, it was time to gather the lessons learned and part ways.

The most salient lesson was the importance of creating a space of safety with your partner where you can shed skins down to your true selves and honor and care for each other and how incredibly important it is to keep meeting each other back there time and time again.

If you can find your way back to that sacred space, you can find your way back to each other and there will always be an opportunity to rekindle that rare amor type love that keeps the fires burning within.

This poem was written as an open invitation to my future lover, with the intention that despite the ups and downs of human existence, I will always be waiting for you within the sacred space we’ll create together. My hand will always be reaching out for yours.


Meet me in sacred space

On enchanted obsidian nights
When the moon is at her fullest
and golden-hued brilliance
shines down through
cracked windows
onto crisp white sheets

Open yourself to me
entangle with me
let’s slowly shed our skins
so we may rest illuminated
in the nakedness
of each other’s divine truths

Liberate yourself to me
show me your soul
through soft spoken words
let them flow freely from within
the words that have
been stuck in your throat
choking you into a
smaller version of yourself
look into my eyes
and sing your psyche’s true song
You are safe here
And I will love you in your entirety

Connect yourself to me
when there are no words left
merge your soul with mine
two hearts beating in
one synched rhythm
fingers loosely interwoven
energy circulating through
touched palms
forehead to forehead
eyes closed with third eye opened
connect us
through wavelengths
of lovers’ telepathy
so our two spirits
can dance wildly
within the cosmic darkness
of our one shared soul.


Nicole Schimke is a mother and a lover of the Divine. She is a seeker of the Great Mystery and recognized on the Astral plane. She is a Wiccan Witch based out of Moon Rock Mountain, Georgia.


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