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Listen to the Lyrics.

Despite my loneliness, I’ve found camaraderie in characters of books, catharsis in the lyrics of all the sad songs, comfort in brushstrokes -- the brilliant way chiaroscuro makes the light in an oil painting come to life.

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For Cecil {poetry}

  A roar bellowed, hollow, like the ghostly wail of spirit passing out of body through the tunnels of vocal chords. Lungs let out their last exhale, like hot air balloons losing steam as they billow back towards the ground. And those massive paws pounded the ground, once with unadulterated  ...

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you & me

Light Up Your Grieving Heart.

We are walking hand in hand, my little legs pumping to keep up with his. “How fast can you go? Show me how fast we can go.” He liked to walk fast; New Yorkers walk fast, they just do. I am counting cracks in the sidewalk and hopping over them just like the rhyme says to do. We make a right, and  ...

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The Messenger Pigeons For Mighty Hearts.

By Alise Versella “I don’t know what I think until I write it down.” ~ Joan Didion Oh Joan, how is it that you know me so well with one simple line? I too don’t know what I think until I write it down. I cannot project the clever words of my true feelings with this quiet voice alone. It will  ...

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