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The Sport Of Forgiveness.

Oh, how I loathe Consequences -- the psychological equivalent of a pair of Spanx. Consequences not only squeeze us, they often spank us too. For a people-pleaser who wants everyone to love her, the possibility that my C-people will never forgive me packs a whuppin’ of pain.

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The Coloring Book Called Life.

Some cards you look at, think how pretty, how nice, or how funny, and toss. Other cards are keepers. You put them away in a special place and, when you need a quick boost of emotional B12, shake them out and gulp them down. Every now and then, a card arrives that is like a shell on the beach, a  ...

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Playing With Mean Barbie.

  I have come to a conclusion. The residents of Dallas are Texas’ version of tin men. They have no heart. Oh, they’re perfectly shined and pretty. They smile. They speak with a cute hospitable twang. But when they say y’all, they really mean not you. Unless, of course, you have passed The  ...

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