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“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” ~ Maya Angelou


Express yourself on Rebelle Society & join our courageous movement:

Take some time to make yourself comfy here on — get to know our key messages, voice, tone and vibe. We don’t care where you come from, how old you are or how many degrees you have or don’t have, we just want what is real, what is human and more than anything, we want to feel.

We want to be moved — period.

And we want the best quality — exclamation point.

We want to experience what it took for you to spill your beautiful guts. We want to feel our tippy toes tickling life’s creative edge, the ferocious courage nudging our backs and the insane risk it took when you jumped — without over-thinking and without worrying what anyone will think — and then we want the words to swim inside our bodies for days, perhaps even the rest of our lives.

Make us want to talk about it. Make us want to sing about it. And make us want to share your story with everyone who matters.

Help us to dream the world awake — we want expression that has a pulse and is willing to shake, stir and howl.

Show us the world as you’d love to see it.

We want sweet, savory, tragic, simple, wicked, intelligent and original. We want what makes you tick and we want it to be told in your voice. We don’t care if the story has been written before, we want your version. Whether it’s your knack for clarity, your rhythmical prose or your clever use of adverbs, adjectives and metaphors, let you seep through every word and into the windows of our Soul.

Leave us breathless.

Remind us that there are hearts thumping in our chests!

Remind us why we’re here, dammit!

We want to see anything and everything — new creations, established debuts, restless creativity in any form, photography, journalistic examinations, wellness phenomena, musical tributes, magical reenactments, confessions of love, performances on video, dance, poetry and stuff we can’t even predict.

So, if you’re already living like a work of art or if you have just begun to explore the realms of your unique expression and want to show it off, please contact us. There is no limit to our combined madness.

We cannot wait to witness and share your authentic, magnificent creations, all spell-checked and in high-resolution.

So go on, show us your beauty.

We are honored to receive each and every submission. Please know that even if we don’t publish your work, we have read it and are grateful to have gotten the privilege to do so.

So if you’re ready, send a little piece of yourself to [email protected].

Submission Guidelines:

1. Please include (in one email) your submission via an attachment (preferably Word or the body of an email — absolutely no PDFs), a short bio in third person (she/he, with a maximum of 150 words) and a high-resolution mug shot to [email protected]. If you forget something, don’t send it in parts — resend all of it in one package and let us know in the subject line. We won’t chase you for missing pieces.

2. We love to preview blogs, but would prefer that you send us one of your favorites to review instead — not as a link but as it’s stated in #1 above.

3. If you include images for our consideration, please credit appropriately and ensure they are high resolution.

4. Word count — we’re all about quality over quantity, but aim for at least 500 words whether it’s a story, photography, tips & tricks, etc.

5. For videos, spoken word audio and other short-film-esque creations, please see Rebelle TV & Broadcast guidelines below.

6. We don’t want material that has been published on other publications — your personal blog not included. You can read more about this in our Terms & Conditions.

Response time for submissions:

You should receive an auto-response upon sending your submission to the email address above. If accepted, guest articles can take approximately 5-7 weeks to go live.

Please do not check in before this date. Due to the large number of submission, our editors will only get in touch with you if there are any additional questions regarding your work and/or to notify you on the day it is published.

Fair Warning:

We’re picky. We have a specific purpose, style & mission and we stick by it even when we’re not vomiting rainbows. We often reject our own writing when we wake up on the wrong side of the bed, with scissors instead of fingers.

So, if your submission doesn’t work for us right now, it doesn’t mean we don’t love it. It just means we love you more and we’ll be happy to suggest a better fit. We love re-writes, re-examinations and hearts that just won’t stop answering the call to create, do and express. So take your time with everything. We’ll be here and we’ll keep the light on.

Here are a few questions our pieces should answer with a Yes, before we hang them on this virtual wall:

1. Is it socially relevant? Does it add to society in some way?

We love personal stories but only when they transcend the diary format and can be recycled into more wisdom. A good story — whatever the genre — awakens us to our own reality. So we want your personal story polished and refined. We want it unabashedly and beautifully delivered in the absolute best articulation you could squeeze from your body.

2. Does it inspire?

Life is short. We really have no time for what doesn’t, we’re already drowning in unnecessary information. So we fight the blues with inspiration. In other words: make it count. Like your life depends on it. Give us everything you have in that moment — don’t hold back a single drop. Create as if it was your last declaration of life as life on earth.

3. Does it have Creativity as a spoken (or unspoken) common denominator?

The point is to create our purpose, not to find it, to help each other think outside the box. To redefine reality, not accept it without questioning. We’re all coated in a delusional mundane. Use all parts of you to deliver (and remind us of) the extra in the ordinary.

4. Does it have your signature, your personal touch, your self, you in it?  

Even if you’re sharing an indirect creation, we need to “see” You somewhere in it. And we prefer real-and-broken over pretended-and-fabricated. We don’t want anything contrived or synthetic. Weave your DNA into it, leave a few drops of your blood, sweat and tears — as only you can.

5. Do you love it?

If you don’t love it, chances are the readers won’t either, so you might as well give it to your dog as a gesture of love. He’ll be happy to chew it off. But if you love it, then drop the proud modesty, believe in your greatness and share it with a starving world. Nourish us all with your words. Don’t hold back. Not now. Now ever.

Whatever the case, never give up on your art. As Maya Angelou put it,

“A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer; it sings because it has a song.”
There are several reasons to share your he{art} on Rebelle Society:

Are you wondering why you should share your goods on the world’s hottest online hub for reporting virtual acts of creative rebellion (and inner freedom)? We don’t think you need convincing, but just in case:

  • You’ll change lives. You’ll not only inspire and improve the quality of the way in which we perceive, nourish and participate in life as life, but you’ll become part of a vast and growing, insanely supportive community that consists of all walks of life. Not everyone here is a writer or is interested in writing, but has an infatuation with truthful, life-passionate expression. And there are no requirements to be a part of our tribe or to even call yourself what you already are: art, in its most unique form. So welcome home!
  • You’ll add waves and lengths to your resume and professional repertoire. You’ll be getting YOU out there. Sharing the expression closest and dearest to your heart is a magnet for expansion and success. Many of our writers have built their foundation here on Rebelle Society — have been offered publishing deals, have found dream collaborators and have been moved to clarify and refine their art to the point of becoming coaches, teachers and guides — just by sharing what has meant the most to them.
  • You’ll get the support from an extraordinary team. From editors to social media, our professional staff of experienced creatives will help you to be SEEN by the most number of people possible.


NEW: We want to see & hear you! 

Are you ready to be seen and heard on Rebelle Society? The next awesome chapter of this creative empire is going to bring you live and in your face he{art}. Our intention is to make creative sharing inclusive and enjoyable through authentic and original videos, clips, spoken word, recorded existential blips and whatever other visually stimulating creative concoctions your goofball, rebellious brains come up with. And we want them to be epic.

To submit — please include your life-altering video, a title, a minimum 400-word intro, a short bio in third person (she/he, with a maximum of 150 words) and a high-resolution mug shot to [email protected].

In addition, our Behind The Scenes team will also be sharing their personal take on worldly and heartfelt issues. We will offer you the tools to unlock your heart, ammunition to free your imagination and inspiration to help you enjoy life even more. We want to inspire you to keep creating and sharing — and we want you to know that your rebellious tribe supports and he{art)s you.

Book & music paid promotions:

We also try to accommodate authors of newly published books and musicians who want to promote their work and music on Rebelle Society. If you fall into this category and if you’re open to sharing the story behind your book or music, email us at [email protected].

We’ll get back to you with our rates and details of the agreement.

For books, we will share up to 2,000 words, and will ask for your bio, bio photo and book-purchasing details.

For music, we will ask you to write at least a 400-word intro, and will ask for your bio, bio photo and music-sharing details.


Services & stuff paid promotions:

We want to create a win-win for Rebelle Society and passionate entrepreneurs, small business owners and craftspeople to promote their work and services on Rebelle Society. If you fall into this category and if you’re open to sharing the story behind your services, stuff or other creation(s), email us at [email protected].

We’ll get back to you with our rates and details of the agreement.

For stuff and services, we will share up to 2,000 words, and will ask for your bio, bio photo and stuff and services purchasing details.


Paid interviews with Noise & Change Makers:

If you have a growing following and a grounded, life-passionate vision, mission and cause, we might want to join forces with you. Proactively, Rebelle Society will handpick key movers and shakers around the world to request an interview and help to promote their work on all of our social media channels.

This paid collaboration includes a featured interview by our Field Anchor & Connector as well as a sidebar promotional ad on our main page. The readership of Rebelle Society spans all corners of the planet, making this a true global collaboration. The spots for this offer are limited and go quickly.

If you fall into this category and can’t wait for us to find you, email us today at [email protected].

We’ll get back to you with our rates and details of the agreement.

What are you waiting for?

By submitting to Rebelle Society, you acknowledge that you accept our terms & conditions, and any form of editing that might occur on behalf of our editorial team. For additional information on publishing, copyrights and privacy on Rebelle Society, see our Terms & Conditions and our Privacy Policy.

If you have any questions, please write to us at [email protected].

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