Inner exposure.


Photo: Jim fry

it’s all been exposed and expressed

deepest scars, sensations and speculations

only from this exposure, are secrets dis-empowered


aches, desires and dreams

unfolded experiences burst seams

my heart’s weaknesses, foibles and screams


from the solitude of silence

building courage to sit within pain

of inner landscapes entangled in rejections

resolving the complexities of mutual reflections


until its all laid bare

shadows of stories sequestered

releasing history’s tenacious hooks

emotional alchemy recapitulating energy


within the currents that tumultuously flow

emerge the colours, textures and tapestry of life

revealing the essence and core of translated perceptions


from the echos

from the embers

from the exposures

comes peaceful comfort

nothing remains to excavate

nothing now remaining to placate

returning space to breathe and be, me.


{Aches, desires and dreams.}


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