Normal or abnormal? The choice is yours.


“Love said to me, ‘You are not crazy enough, you do not fit this house.’ I went and became crazy; crazy enough to be in chains.” ~ Rumi

If you are abnormal, then read no further. You are in The Happy Zone, with no fear of living a dull and dreary life.

If you are normal, then you definitely need to read this – again and again – you are in danger of being moved from The Happy Zone to a dull and dreary life.

I say that normal is ugly, very ugly. There is beauty, great beauty, in being abnormal.

I ask you, was Shiva normal? Or Rama, or Krishna or Moses? And what of Buddha or Jesus, Nanak or Michelangelo? Who would call Leonardo da Vinci normal? Or Mahatma Gandhi, Picasso, even Steve Jobs? I say, NO! They were not normal.

Did any one of them accept or propagate what was normal at that time? You know the answer.

So, I ask you, were they ugly? Of course not. They were all beautiful. You would never deny their beauty, yet you accept that being normal is beautiful, because you have been conditioned since childhood to believe it is so.

Do not be normal. Do not be ugly. Be abnormal. Be beautiful. Realize yourself, with Real Eyes. With Real Eyes comes Real-I-zation.

You are as unique and worthy as all of them. There is so much beauty in you, so much magic. You are great. Do not settle for anything less.

How were they abnormal? They all broke free from the shackles and fetters of the normalcy of their times, shattered the societal conditioning, and by doing so, freed and liberated not only themselves but millions over the millennia. I ask you, how many normal people can do this? Not even one.

Being normal means living within imposed boundaries, being enslaved and entrapped by the prison of societal conditioning. Being abnormal smashes those boundaries so that you may break free and liberate yourself from the prison of societal conditioning.

Normal is limited. Abnormal is unlimited. Normal is finite, while abnormal is infinite. So, I ask you, would you be limited and finite, or unlimited and infinite?

Do you prefer to simply survive, or do you want to truly live?

The goalposts of normalcy are always still, always the same, never changing or evolving. Being abnormal means that the goalposts are never still. They are ever changing and evolving.

Parents pray for children who will break boundaries, but then they train their children to live within the prisons of conditioning. What an irony! What a paradox!

They do not want their children to be afraid, yet they instill fear. Fear of the past and fear of the future.

Systems, institutions and corporations select new recruits based on their ability to think out of the box, but once hired, their first experience is orientation. Orientation is just another way of drawing the lines and boundaries of the box. Absolutely ridiculous!

The systems, institutions and corporations are the ones that need to be boxed. And by “boxed,” I mean literally boxed in and retrained!

Why is abnormal always understood as being less than normal? Why can’t we see abnormal as being ab(ove)normal and normal as less?A shift in perception is all that is required.

Is the Divine normal? Not even by the wildest stretch of imagination! Normal is predictable and the Divine is totally unpredictable. Would you rather be normal and non-divine or be abnormal and Divine?

Predictability is death. Isn’t it death to know exactly what is going to happen and when? What could be more boring than certainty, predictability and normalcy? It is the uncertainty of what is or is not going to happen, the uncertainty and unpredictability of life, that makes life exciting and worth living! I say being normal is dying and being ab(ove)normal is living.

See the abnormal and the beauty in the other.  Recognize it and celebrate it in your self. See this beauty in your self. Know that you are abnormal, unique, and therefore, beautiful. Repose in that. Revel in that. Rejoice in that.

See the ugliness in being normal. See the beauty in being abnormal. I say, do not be ugly, do not be normal. Be beautiful in your abnormal glory.

Yet, the normal is needed to throw up the abnormal. One is not possible without the other. Both are necessary as life is paradoxical.

What is being normal? Normal is living within boundaries, in neat little boxes. Normal is always being worried about what others will think and say and living life as per your imagination of others’ expectations, without the courage to live beyond your fears. Normal is being afraid – afraid of what others will think, afraid of what lies beyond the imposed boundaries of conditioning, afraid of the known past, and also afraid of the unknown future. Oprah asked her self, “What would I do if I weren’t afraid?” and then she went ahead and did just that. She went beyond her fears. What an inspiration!

“Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious.” ~Rumi

Abnormal is breaking barriers and smashing boundaries, throwing off the shackles of societal conditioning, rejecting and discarding the past. Abnormal is welcoming and embracing the unknown. Paraphrasing Mahatma Gandhi, “When you are abnormal, first the normal ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, but then you win, and they follow you.”

The result of being normal is like a black hole imploding, sucking everything from the circumference into its center of darkness and killing it. Being abnormal is like exploding from the center to the circumference, illuminating everything and giving it life, like the sun.

There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, and be normal; or to accept the responsibility for changing them, and be ab(ove)normal. What is it going to be? You have only today. Make it a great day, make the right choice – choose ab(ove)normal. You are so worth it!

Being normal is copying, imitating, conforming, accepting and limiting. Being abnormal is creating, innovating, non-conforming, rejecting and liberating. Being normal means living within the parameters of patterns. Being abnormal means smashing the parameters of patterns. Normal is ordinary. Abnormal is extraordinary.

If you are wed to normal and you expect magic to birth in your life, it is like expecting coconut trees to spring forth from pea pods. If you want magic in your life, then you have to first divorce normal. The day you rip apart conditioning and divorce normal, that will be the first amazing day of your life. Go to bed with abnormal, shed inhibitions, have an orgy.

Your life will be full of magic, and you will be the magician – day after day.

When you can throw off every form of fear, both known and unknown, you will have a mind without fear. A mind that has no fear is capable of great love.

Being normal means being full of fears, anger, greed, ambition, attachments, hatred and a clinging to life. Being abnormal means being full of love, love, and more love and a celebration of life.

Musicians, writers, artists, dancers, singers, musicians, playwrights, poets, philosophers and lovers have to be thanked – for they take you to places in your mind and in your heart that are not normal, that are ab(ove) normal and free you. They have always been and always will be the true liberators.

Abnormal is beauty, madness is genius. Abnormal is being alive. It is better to be absolutely insane and full of joie de vivre than to be normal and absolutely boring and dead.

Normal is an illusion – what is normal for the early bird is death for the early worm. What is normal for a bat – hanging upside and sleeping – is abnormal for others.

Normal ridicules love, and love smiles knowingly at the whole absurdity of normal. Abnormal embraces love.

Nobody has the right to judge anybody as normal or abnormal. These are the ways of dominating people. When you judge someone, you are trying to interfere in their life, which is none of your business.

A real, authentic Society simply allows people to be themselves, allows them to be abnormal.

Societal conditioning has forced you to adjust to a normal and profoundly sick society. You have to rebel against societal conditioning. Stop walking the clumsy walk of the normal, sprout wings of the abnormal, and soar like a Butterfly on the wings of an Angel to your True Love – soar to the Divine.

What type of sick, normal society is this?

The first thing people talk about when they meet is about their misery – what a bum deal life has given them and how miserable they are, and they are happy that they are miserable. They are happier if the other is also miserable. If everybody is miserable, then they fit and everything is okay. They are members, they belong – they belong to us. How wonderful!

If people become creative and ecstatic, then Society thinks they have gone berserk, insane, mad, crazy, and abnormal. They no longer fit in, they no longer belong  – they no longer belong to us – and the green-eyed monster of jealousy raises its head in the collective mind of normal Society. Society condemns them out of jealousy. Driven by this jealousy, Society will try – in every way possible – to forcefully return them to their former state of misery. They – the Society – call that old miserable state ‘normal’.

Psychoanalysts and psychiatrists will help to bring them back to a state of misery – the state of fitting in, the state of belonging to Society, the state of belonging to the State – the normal and miserable state.

Society has done a great job in transforming abnormal to normal by squeezing you into The Box, and then asking you to jump out of and think outside The Box, after maiming you with normalcy. The normalizing agencies of culture, tradition, education, parents, teachers, schools, colleges, corporations, politicians, police, priests, pirs, pundits, prelates, the State – they have done a great job of this. They have made normal miserable creatures out of abnormal ecstatic creators.

Every child is born ecstatic. Every child is born in Love. Every child is born Divine. And, every man dies a madman.

Nobody is going to get out of this madhouse alive. You have got nothing – absolutely nothing – to lose in breaking free from the chains of normalcy that are keeping you shackled in this madhouse of normal people, locked up in cells of societal conditioning.

Unless you recover, unless you reclaim your childhood, you will not be able to free yourself from this mad house. You have to regain your childhood, and become abnormal. If you succeed, then the cells of this madhouse of normal will magically open to liberate you, to spring you into the abnormal World of Love.

You have two choices in life…

Be normal and travel in a tunnel which has light, but one that is tapering and getting darker with each passing moment or…

Be abnormal and travel in a tunnel which is dark, but one that is opening progressively as the light is increasing with each passing moment…

Travel from light to darkness, or from darkness to light…

Be normal or be abnormal – the choice is yours, the life is yours.

Love is the ultimate outlaw and totally abnormal. It just won’t be normal or follow any rules. Join the Gang Of Love and become an accomplice in spreading Love.

Bring in the Rule Of Love – for where Love rules, there are no other rules except Love.

I have joined the Gang Of Love and become Love’s accomplice; what are you waiting for?

Join The Gang Of Love.

Remember: no rules, only Love…Love Rulz…

Have an orgy of Love…being AbNOrMaL




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