Six things I’m not sorry about.

Dear Society,

1. I will not apologize for being thin. I am healthy. Why must my health bring you {dis}ease? I’ve watched obesity imprison every single woman in my family. The extra pounds they carry like literal body armor. Their suits protect them from being seen and heard.

I live my life out loud, which brings me to my next point of contention:

2. I will not apologize for pursuing my dreams.

3. I have no interest in rotting behind the drab walls of a cubicle beneath fluorescent lights that buzz emblazoning my brainstem with the image of who I might have been.

4. I am her, or {at the very least} I become more like her each day.

5. I love children, but I’m not ready to have them. And {thankfully} I don’t need your blessing. I’m watching my life flash before my own two eyes, and, at once, it’s incredible and terrifying. It leaves me at once hungry and satiated.

6. So, finally, when I take my seat at the table, I will not pretend and play dumb. I’m as wise as the next {wo}man. I will not dim my light because {for whatever reason} you dim yours.

In fact, I’ll shine ever brighter in the hopes you might begin to see:

your grace
your beauty
{the incredible being everyone else around the table sees}.

And if that makes you uncomfortable, then so what. Let it be.

Sorry, I’m not sorry.

Without apology, this is who I am.

And I will not apologize for living as the badass God put me {and you} on this Earth to be.

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