Still Outrageous After All These Years.


By Jeff Belyea.

Back in the early 70s, I caught the last train to Hippieville and went from ultra-conservative to outrageous – in my look, my life and my spiritual pursuit.

Growing up in a Catholic home, I had drifted to being a Methodist, a shift from guilt-tripping “sinner” to “let your conscience be your guide,” which is how the Methodist view was presented to me. From there, it was on the train to Hippieville, with a stop at a Hindu ashram and a trip into the light fantastic.

What the light revealed was that all the walls of separation between Catholicism and Protestantism, and even bigger walls between Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and all variant ‘paths’ or models, are walls contrived by religious goons in pompous clothing, and are walls worthy of the outrageous term ‘bullshit‘!

All who have made the fantastic trip know this and know that the destiny of humankind is to see the walls come down.

And all who entertain this possibility suspect that it is true. There is a core truth in all authentic religious, spiritual and philosophical models that speaks to either “being in chains” or “set free.” Those chains can be guilt, shame, despair or social conformity, but they are real, heavy and painful. The good news is that we can be set free from those chains in one Kaboom!

Being set free is to realize that our true estate is one of joy and connection to all brothers and sisters on the planet, and that the “affairs of the world” are secondary to our true identity. The chains fall off when a sudden and startling rush of new wisdom hits us.

This inner wisdom reveals that we had become identified solely with our rational processing mind and sensory apparatus, which caused us to feel isolated. And, in our isolation, we were subject to the bullshit and emotional manipulation by the religious goons and social consensus.

But when the rush comes and the light dawns, the walls are dissolved and we are set free – free from guilt, and free from emotional manipulation by anyone. Free. Indeed! And what replaces all those negative feelings?




Jeff Belyea is an artist and a writer, with a PhD in Communications, as well as a Certified Business and Personal Coach. He also teaches Mystic Heart Meditation who blogs and notes every day.



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