Weekly Asana: Digasana.

Photo courtesy: Franz Andrini.

Photo courtesy: Franz Andrini.

Diga is a flying object. Call it an aeroplane.

The pose strengthens and slims legs. It also opens pelvic area and removes the cold air from it. In addition, it ignites digestive fire, too. The nadis (carriers of prana) get additional boost as they are cleansed by the heat and ready to carry apana air upwards, where it mixes with prana air, where it becomes upward pushing uddana air. Therefore the body becomes light, with calmness of the mind and divine insight as natural consequences.

Like an aeroplane, hovering above the world, so does the yogi hovers above humanity, engrossed in the divine atmosphere within his heart.

In Digasana, the back and tummy become stronger and body turns lean and beautiful. In addition, the pose tones the generative organs and it is considered a great therapy for premature ejaculation as the upward pushing uddana air refuses to surrender one’s mind to carnal desires.

Those who wish to lose weight will find it very useful, especially if repeated several times in a row.

Digasana is a great pose to be practice by those who wish to master poses that require a great deal of lengthy and open hamstring muscles. The very beginners and those with stiff hips might find it difficult and Digasana should become part of the practice once the other basic standing poses are comfortable enough.

People with slipped or herniated L4 disc will find doing it on the right leg easier then on the left and should therefore avoid it if the condition is severe. However, the heart patients will find the pose with the arms spread out like a wings a joy to practice.

For better results practice under the guidance of a competent yoga teacher.

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