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What Healing Could Mean.

To heal is to buy a plane ticket for a land about which we barely know anything but because it felt inspiring, to heal is to say something silly because the heart got carried away, to heal is to kiss a man whom we’ve just met because he said the three key words, and decide to trust the moment  ...

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a world

I Love You, Mr. Trump.

I do not like or agree with almost anything Donald Trump has to say. I do not like or agree with almost anything Hillary Clinton has to say. I do agree with most of the things that Bernie Sanders has to say, but I also recognize that while he may be an admirable politician, he is just a man.  ...

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Do More of What Already Works.

There are many examples of behaviors, big and small, that have the opportunity to drive progress in our lives if we just did them with more consistency. Flossing every day. Never missing workouts. Performing fundamental business tasks each day, not just when you have time. Apologizing more  ...

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You Make Me Want to… {poetry}

You make me want to learn Morse code, so that if we were ever bound and gagged and held hostage, we could tap out a plan to save ourselves and everyone else, and if the plan went wrong, I could spend the last moments of our lives looking at you and batting 'I love you' with my eyelashes over  ...

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