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A Love Affair With Autumn.

As the nights grow crisp and the air is a splash of freshness, something inside of me wants to savor the art of folding inwards. The intrigue of this alluring state is incredibly stirring. To check my reality, I blink to make sure I can find a way to match the pause and rhapsody.

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The Crippling Beauty of the Equinox.

I’ll give myself over to the changing leaves and the cold winds and the shorter days, knowing that this external change is triggering a staggering internal change, just as it does year after year. There’s always the risk that I won’t emerge from my subterranean system of tunnels and catacombs.  ...

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you and me

I’m Going to Let You Love Me.

I decided this when I got home from what I swore must have been the longest day of my life. I kicked off my heels and my feet were throbbing, and I flipped on the news so the reporters could keep me company while I ate my dinner. I cursed my boss for keeping me late as my reporter friends  ...

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To Leave Or Not To Leave.

He will talk about how he is in love, and how he needs to be better. How she makes him want to be better. And you are cheapened by the fact that you are not letting him be better. You are ruining his chance at happiness and you feel so dirty there is nothing you can do to wash the grime off yourself.

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