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Take A Bite Out Of Failure.

The refining process is dependent on the relationship you have with failing. When the refining process becomes the creative central focus of your actions, as opposed to the failure that it spawned from, you will feel like you did when you were a kid. You could always fly.

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you and me

I Want You Beneath A Red Moon.

Is it okay to say that I want you? Is it okay to say that I love you? Without knowing how or why, beyond logic or understanding? Because to say these things is as crazy as being on the verge of outer space without a space-suit — vulnerable, unprotected, annihilated, but totally there with a  ...

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The Value of Lineage.

There’s a big man sitting at the front of the room. I find it hard to discern if he is big, as in full of himself, or big, as in he’s on to something. The vibe of the two differs, but can easily be confused at first glance. I need to stay put, take my time and listen, take in the whole being in  ...

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