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Attention Eating Freedom Fighters:

Rebelle Wellness is a creative and holistic approach to wellness, co-founded by Tanya Lee Markul & Andrea Balt, two restless health & wellness junkies in search of inner freedom and with a deep love for greens, herbs, fruit & veggies, a screwball imagination and an appreciation of life as a work of art.

As the more specialized, health and wellness branch of, Rebelle Wellness focuses exclusively on offering holistic wellness resources and education, as well as turning health into our natural birthright and self-healing into an art.

More than a place, an online platform or an idea, it is a philosophy of life and a way of operating, that demands the constant questioning and deconstruction of our restricting, negative and self-limiting notions about our health and body, and our consequent and inevitable evolution  into a personalized, holistic Renaissance of mind, body and heart.

We believe that healing is an inside job and that we are our best doctors, healers and wellness alchemists — that is, the main agents of change and creative transformation in our lives. Only when we take full responsibility for the course of our lives — which can only thrive when our mental, emotional and physical health are in alignment — we’ll be able to taste and experience it to its fullest; to not just survive but to be authentically and abundantly alive.

There is no ‘one-size fits all’ when it comes to wellness & nutrition, and no-body knows more about your-body than YOU.

There is only one Guru in the room — that Guru is YOU.

– Leila Sadaghee, Yoga Teacher, Body Worker, Mentor

We hope that by sharing our personal tasteful experience of this short & precious life, we’ll inspire you to re-create, live & share your own.

Nutrition as a Revolutionary Act.

Our nourishment extends far beyond food. It includes all other areas of our life. Nourishment is everything that we absorb and feed our selves with on a daily basis — which is processed by our body and mind into literal new pieces of us.

Food however, is the most basic and essential layer of our nourishment because it is the most intimate, consistent and voluntary act we perform every day — that cannot only help us survive but to practice the aliveness we long for.

After oxygen, water and sleep, food is the most vital and repetitive factor in our lives. Food can bring us more life and also steal the little we have left; it can be physical, mental or spiritual; sensual, creative, healing and uplifting; it can also be political and social; it can unite or divide the self, relationships and countries.

By first questioning our notions of what is “good” or “bad” for us, by going not against, but beyond our familiar norms, culture, education and limited knowledge of what we should, must, or do, indeed, eat — and, secondly, by becoming friends with our body and tapping into its innate wisdom, we can turn our nourishment into a daily adventure, an endless exploration and a constant creative rebellion.

We can make of eating itself, the most profound, and revolutionary act possible.

Food matters because we matter more.

Learning how to nurture ourselves is the primary lesson we were never taught in school, which we now need to learn like the impatient, grownup schoolchildren we still are; because as our affair with time continues, we become what we consume on a daily basis.

We inevitably turn into what we eat. As such, deciding what we put in our body and mind is not only our duty as intelligent creatures but our most essential human right, the most basic freedom we have and we so often fail to use. Our ticket out of a long century of madness — in which we’ve mindlessly experimented on our environment and ourselves with a tragic outcome — can only come through rewriting history with our own bodies.

We can’t change the past or the future, but we can change this moment…and this one. (This one too). The only thing better than making is remaking, retaining the good we’ve inherited and combining it with a curious sense of newness.

Living well doesn’t require a PhD. It requires You.

The idea is not to find a new continent, but to rediscover, reintegrate, rebuild, recycle, reunite, rewrite, redesign, and redefine our uniqueness and our signature beauty in an everyday synchronicity with our truest, deepest selves, others and the rest of nature.

Exploring and adapting our health and well-being to suit our highest aspirations and brightest ideas is a privilege and an art. It’s our highest duty and delight to retell the universal love story in our own words.

Our degenerated westernized (or rather bastardized) idea of healing, has turned nutrition into a calorie equation and healing into a hopeless surrender to Big Pharma’s human lab rats to be experimented upon with unprecedented nature-alienating drugs, that end up doing us more harm than good.

But healing is an ongoing daily rebellion against what makes us sick, and our everyday responsibility with ourselves and our hurting world.

As a planet, as the interconnected global communities we support and belong to and as individuals, we are not at the greatest place in history. And yet we have more resources than any other generation to either make or break reality. Why aren’t we using these resources to restore our original, abundant, health as a birthright instead of turning into the slaves of our sickness, illnesses and imbalances?

It is imperative (and quite urgent) that we reclaim our rightful place in the same universe our ancestors also lived in and cared for and where our children will someday want to become grandparents — if we let them.

If we want to actually live our life to its fullest (and not just survive) and finally, when our time comes, leave the world — if not better, at least as good as when we found it, we must adapt. We need to recreate ourselves in a new light, since the current one is making us sick. Our old paradigms are obsolete. We need newer, kinder, inclusive and constructive ones. We need our selves more than ever and we need our mother (Nature) as badly as ever.

Goethe said it best:

Take care of your body with steadfast fidelity. The soul must see through these eyes alone, and if they are dim, the whole world is clouded.

So let’s get creative instead of depressed!

It may sound like a new language at first, but it is one we were already born speaking. All we have to do is remember.

And we don’t need to relearn it all at once. A few words per day are enough. We are the do-what-you-can-with-what-you-got kind of people. Nothing is perfect and nothing will ever be right, if we wait for it to become so. As Ian Somerhalder put it,

Going green doesn’t start with doing green acts — it starts with a shift in consciousness. This shift allows you to recognize that with every choice you make, you are voting either for or against the kind of world you wish to see. When you assume this as a way of being, your choices become easier.

We are qualified wellness professionals and we are also imperfect humans without all the means or power. But we strongly believe that everything we need is already inside us and we do have the single greatest power that no corporation, institution, or person will ever be able to take from us: the Power of Choice.

We refuse to be victims of our circumstances and culture. We want to keep the good but rise above the limitations of our education, background and imposed sociopolitical reality.

Our basic mission is to focus our creative energy on healing ourselves from the inside out and finding another way to co-exist in harmony with ourselves and the world.

We think it’s doable.

The 30 Day Wellness Alchemist Detox


Co-Authored By Tanya Lee Markul & Andréa Balt

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Les Rebelles.



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  • Minh Pham commented on August 16, 2012
    This site is great. How can I contribute or be a part of it??
  • Rebelle Society
    RebelleSociety commented on August 17, 2012
    Hi Mihn Pham! We\’d love to. We\’re looking for great, interesting & inspiring content in most areas that make us come alive. Check out our basic guidelines here: and send us your piece along with a headshot and a personal bio (you can include any link to your page). E-hugs, Les Rebelles
  • oz commented on February 8, 2013
    Thank you!
  • Steve Zarren commented on May 6, 2014
    Hi , I am a former sufferer of dystonia and want to offer you my support if you are still struggling with this awful disorder or another movement type of neurological disorder. I have put many years of my life into helping dystonia sufferers find relief, and through my efforts was able to get a medical study done at Johns Hopkins Medical Center with the program that helped me. It is my pleasure and privilege to work full time in helping dystonia sufferers find relief and get educated on the health fundamentals that I have discovered that can make a huge difference on improving one’s health. I have been effective in helping dozens of dystonia sufferers find relief and have worked with those in 28 countries and 48 states. Please feel free to call me if you would like to learn more about my work and how I have been helping others. There is nothing more enjoyable than seeing those I work with find the relief and hope as I received many years ago. For more information, please visit my website at Thank you. Steve Zarren
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