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A Visit with Vulnerability.

Speaking from my own experience, and more specifically, my experience on this unusual day, I am beginning to recognize that there has been an all-out war going on inside me from an early age. This silent battle was waged by my ego against the deep wisdom embedded in my core, which knows  ...

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The Untelevised Battle Lines.

These wars begin inside and push their way out. They require personal examination and reevaluation. To know ourselves is to know each other, so why not turn all of our outsourced energy within back to ourselves? Fill ourselves up until we’re overflowing and have within our grasp what we need --  ...

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you & me

Where Love Is, Fear Rides Shotgun.

Fear can make us stay when we’re supposed to move, it can make us leave when we’re supposed to stay. Fear can make us run. It can paralyze us. It makes things complicated. It is the thing that makes you question all yo’ shit. It can make us forget that we love ourselves.

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The Old Warrior. {poetry}

I hadn't seen myself as a warrior fighting and struggling with weapons in my hands, defending the borders of my kingdom, and with just one goal… … to achieve peace, and living on the truth and the hope that all battles and wars come to an end.

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