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A Birthing Day Reminiscence.

It was only a few days later that I would see my mother for the last time, gasping for breath, hooked up to machines. My sister was there. And she had a friend with her, a co-worker who neither I nor my mother had ever met. As I sat bedside with my mother, holding her hand, this stranger tells  ...

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The Power Between My Legs.

Vaginas depicted in the art world don’t fare any better. What’s worse is that much of the disapproval comes from women. Go to any comments section, on any article covering vaginal art, and you’ll find a stream of women making statements such as "That’s disgusting!"

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Women, Take Back Your Births.

Through these experiences as a woman, a few things became very clear to me. The first realization was that fear hinders birth. When a woman is scared or frightened, she isn’t going to labor or birth in an optimal way. Her labor may be prolonged, disjointed or halted entirely.

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Dark Side Of The Full Mother Moon.

My plea, to my sisters of all phases on this lifetimes-long lunar web: Don't pretend not to see me... even when I'm losing it in the park at my kid, or mine is the child throwing a tantrum at the grocery store. Don't imagine, just because in this moment you shine, that you won't have to face an  ...

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