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It Is not the Storm That Slays Me.

I'm the shipwreck that is still throwing down an anchor. Still trying to secure my shattered pieces to something stable. If I can just hold on to something solid, I'll be whole again. I'm told I will get through this, that I'll move past this. Those words are a waterfall that washes over me,  ...

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Do Not Look Away. {poetry}

If your own heart is broken beyond belief, if you have lost someone dear to you to a heart attack, accident, stillbirth, or cancer, and it has thrown your life into the hamper, allow those who love to come and care for you. Do not look away.

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Getting Quiet To Live Loud.

This sense of quiet (upholding boundaries, listening to my body, meditating, and letting go of unneeded distractions) allows me to take breaks without feeling as if I am letting anyone down, allows me to meditate and feed my soul, allows me to be present to those I love, and allows me to  ...

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