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Grieving Under an Invisibility Cloak.

It seems to me that the cloak of invisibility worn by those invisibly grieving is no less than a superhero’s cape. While tossing and turning on mourning’s high seas, it can take Herculean strength to simply get out of bed some days. It can take immense strength to acknowledge that one must amp  ...

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I Recognize My Depression Now.

I can do everything in my power to change who I am and how I handle things. I can put my health and my quest for happiness first. I can slay my monsters day in and day out, fearlessly and with passion. I can create new goals for myself. I can maintain my weight loss and my motivation. I can  ...

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Struggling With My Cloak Of Guilt.

A cloak of guilt hangs down upon my shoulders, heavy and dark; it is a constant reminder. Clouds of sadness and regret hide in every corner, ready to pounce and diminish joy, or push tears to the surface at inappropriate and inopportune times. Must every activity for the remainder of my life be  ...

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