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I Won’t Shut Up.

This is for the people who refuse to shut up regardless of how many times they have been asked to sit quietly... This is for the individuals who have believed at times that they are not enough, who tend to feel unlovable and 'not cool enough'.

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Chill Boys, And Fire Women.

There is nothing aspirationally cool or chill about boys like this -- a better description would be frozen by fear. Perhaps a more honest disclaimer would be "Hey, nice to meet you, I’m a coward. This means that while I’m keen to see what being with you would be like, I’m too afraid to actually  ...

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you & me

The Tragedy Of Being Cool.

Girls, what if instead of limiting yourself to being pretty, well-dressed, sexy, or skinny, you could simply be genuinely loving, kind and compassionate? Boys, what if instead of limiting yourself to being macho, rich, or popular, you could simply allow yourself to be open, genuine, and maybe  ...

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What If Kindness Was Cool?

Life is hard and it’s scary and it’s overwhelming, and I feel it every day. We all do. But if we can face that fear together, something beautiful will happen: Things will change, life will improve, and the world will slowly get better.

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