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Sexually Transmitted Shame.

This is for the women who have been told they might not be able to have children. You are still a woman, this does not diminish your worth. This is for anyone who has been shamed based off of their bodies' responses to abusive partners, toxic relationships or unknown diseases. Whether it is a  ...

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Are You Choosing Love in a Cruel World?

Have you had enough? Are you ready for change? What is it going to take for you to choose differently? What is it going to take for you to choose love? Many do not believe that love is a choice. Rather, they simply hope or pray that somehow love will come save them and others from this pain.  ...

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Surviving With A Broken Heart.

Take the opportunity to face some unpleasant truths that will ultimately help you heal. Maybe, like me, you notice that your devotion to the love for this person was covering up some of your own unresolved issues? You notice that in spite of having 500 Facebook friends and radiating smiles  ...

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