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Where Do I Go To Escape?

We all have those places we run to, the places we retreat to, in the recesses of our minds, in the dark corners, under the covers or out in a sunlit field. I asked myself, as I ask you, where is your space? What do you claim as your calm, your quiet, your escape? Where is that safe space in  ...

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house of fun

Giving Life By Taking Time.

It’s not so much about what you are doing as it is about that you are doing something pleasurable. It feeds the soul and engages the heart in life-giving activity. I think outdoor recreation is important, but there are things we can do indoors that give life as well.

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a world

Don’t Rush Away The Unworthy Woman.

The unworthy woman is a force, an energy, a song-line. She'll hurl your into exile, desert, and silence. She'll wrap you up in shitty newspaper, and watch you drift down the river screaming. Ruthless. However, without her, we have this deep yearning for a deeper life. Without her, we're colorless.

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Golden Eagle: Medicine For Ramblers.

The power in watching this beautiful animal fly was beyond description. Throughout my time in medical school, I worked with many different shamanic healers, and they always emphasized the power and medicine of an animal who reveals itself to you. I knew that the golden eagle held medicine and  ...

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