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Depression: Marauder Of The Mind.

I know now. I know what it is and what it feels like, for lack of a lovelier way of finding out. Sadness is not the same as emptiness. Mind over matter only works with a mind that works too. This is how it feels: One by one, like a leak, things start to fall out of the soul. Hobbies. Family and  ...

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Please Don’t Try To Fix Me.

And in the process of waiting, I vow to never cease stirring the pot of questions. To let the flight of ideas and the whirl of ponders melt away my skin. Fleshy enclave of a beating heart made of questions, not answers. Love, not certainty. Life, not fear. Feeling over growth. Faith over  ...

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A Writer’s Dilemma: Do We Fear Balance?

When I asked my Ayurvedic practitioner if, once balanced, I would lose the ability to write, she assured me that, on the contrary, I would uncover a deeper story within, that of my true self emerging. That sounds nice to me. But, even if that doesn’t happen, even if I never write another word  ...

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