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We Make Our own Medicine.

Everything is vibration. This we know. Plants, flowers, herbs, crystals, have long been used to settle the unsettled parts of the human body and to soothe the bruised psyche. They help tame the wild beasts within. To offer compassion for pain, kindness to trauma, and forgiveness to strikes  ...

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Ebb And Flow. {poetry}

Not in the past, where mistakes and failures lie in wait to torment you with reminders of where you weren't good enough, of all the ways you failed. And not in the future, where a million fears are ready to pounce and weigh you down in the incessant possibilities of ways in which life can go wrong.

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you & me

Flow Happens When We Melt.

Tainted by my own mess, I had just cause to feel numb, unsure and insolent toward life, and I kept trying to bleed a bit more into a vial that couldn’t be filled. It soon became evident that clinging to resentment was too hard, and my results were more than redundant, cold and tiresome.

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