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You Are Safe in This Wilderness.

I cannot connect with the idea of a calling that can be translated perfectly into a paycheck, a position, or a fixed identity associated with something I do. If I have one, my vocation is to be alive, to listen quite literally to my body and its rhythms: Every. Single. Moment. And to honor and  ...

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Where Do I Go To Escape?

We all have those places we run to, the places we retreat to, in the recesses of our minds, in the dark corners, under the covers or out in a sunlit field. I asked myself, as I ask you, where is your space? What do you claim as your calm, your quiet, your escape? Where is that safe space in  ...

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I Am Capable. {poetry}

There are many things I can do (even those things don’t have to be perfect), whether silly or small, or things I only do for myself. They don’t have to be shiny things wrapped up with bows. I could be a great pessimist, or the best at ruining pancakes because I flip them too soon. The point is  ...

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