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No Goodbye: Bearing Grief.

In a strange and surreal way, the unexpected and traumatic loss of my child by suicide disintegrated my core sense of who I thought I was. The hope that I held was ripped away forever. Quietly and insidiously, trauma explodes the mind and greatly intensifies emotions. Trauma stimulates,  ...

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Taking Refuge.

I have been on my mat severely hungover from a night of partying, and simply showing up for the Yoga class was a heroic event of determination. I have been on my mat holding back tears from a broken heart, soul, grieving intoxicating loss or shattered dreams gone awry (and yes, those tears  ...

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you & me

The Boys & Girls Who Lived.

So here we are, in the dark of the night, swimming in the moon rays. Here we all are -- you, me, the Boys and Girls Who Lived, carrying, always, the last living fragments of our own attempted murderers, and remembering, if we can, that it is not our abilities that make us who we are, but our choices.

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