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Moments Of Truthlessness. {poetry}

Truth, honesty, and transparency are the forgotten words of an ancient language in a culture hidden by obscurity. Today we say things like 'Truth is relative', 'We received misinformation', and 'We couldn’t reveal the truth for your protection' to utter falseties and avoid responsibility.

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you & me

The Tragedy Of Being Cool.

Girls, what if instead of limiting yourself to being pretty, well-dressed, sexy, or skinny, you could simply be genuinely loving, kind and compassionate? Boys, what if instead of limiting yourself to being macho, rich, or popular, you could simply allow yourself to be open, genuine, and maybe  ...

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The Narcissist Bogeyman.

Love in action is integrity, honesty, humility, vulnerability, compassion, courage and accountability. Self-love means being willing to see and accept yourself as you are, and allowing and trusting others to see the whole messy truth, not a strategically partial truth.

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