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Orlando: This Is how It Lands in Me.

When I was a teenager, just starting to question, there was a horrific crime committed in my hometown where two brothers broke into the house of a gay couple and murdered them while they slept in their bed. I believed then that it would never be safe for me to be out. As a teenager, I expected  ...

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Being Reborn As The Butterfly That I Am.

I realize now, looking back at my journey of transformation, which felt more as a transmutation -- a death/rebirth process -- what I went through was an energetic, alchemical process that changed my whole consciousness and, consequently, my self-identity, the process akin to what a caterpillar  ...

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Desperately Seeking A Sense Of Purpose.

I have always wanted to be heard. Not to achieve some modicum of glory or fame (not that I haven’t fantasized about the limelight, of course I have), but to feel like I’ve given the world something of value through my work. And I mean work that is deeply personal, not just a function of survival.

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