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They Came Knocking. {poetry}

“Remember that there is beauty to be found in madness.The darker the night, the brighter the stars.The rougher the Rapids, the smoother the stone.The greater the struggle, the deeper the love.” ~ A. R. Lucas Addiction. It came knocking. And I, without thinking, answered. I answered  ...

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Primum Non Nocere (First, Do No Harm).

In a culture where we are meant to present this glistening image of ourselves or else hide away in the shadows, where we are meant to 'keep calm and carry on', where stoicism, perfectionism and progressive success reign supreme, I say, show us your tears, your anguish, your grief, you  ...

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I Chose What ‘Me’ Is.

My dad leaving, in no exaggeration, ripped a part out of my core. I have spent years focusing on stitching that gap. Therapy, Yoga, isolation from any friendship or relationship that triggers unwanted feelings. What I did not focus on is, when my mind wanders to that forest of doubt and  ...

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