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Become Beautifully Bold.

The biggest lie I ever swallowed was that I need to be selective with my love, with who I show my soul to, my self to. Protect, save and hoard my heart-treasures, my essence, and devise a complex set of criteria that require satisfying in an exact order before I slowly, and with great  ...

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Love vs Fear.

What would happen if you could put aside your fear for one day? One hour? Be drawn by the connections that come, feed that place of intrinsic love and let it be your guide… surrender to the unknowable order of things.

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Yoga Trance: The Art of Unlocking.

I know that time and space for myself has been lacking recently and this is the outcome, I’m kind of pissed off about it and my body’s answer is to create a situation where I have no choice but to stay home and be quiet, warm and drink chamomile tea…the startling obviousness of this is comical.

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