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Jenine Baines


The Sport Of Forgiveness.

Oh, how I loathe Consequences -- the psychological equivalent of a pair of Spanx. Consequences not only squeeze us, they often spank us too. For a people-pleaser who wants everyone to love her, the possibility that my C-people will never forgive me packs a whuppin’ of pain.

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Saint Jagger: The Gospel According To Mick.

  December 7, 1941 may be my country’s Day of Infamy, but my personal DOI took place 31 years later, on July 9, 1972. This was the day I was supposed to be at St. Louis’ Kiel Auditorium with my friend Alice for a performance of The Rolling Stones. The operative phrase, here, is supposed to  ...

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you & me

The Coloring Book Called Life.

Some cards you look at, think how pretty, how nice, or how funny, and toss. Other cards are keepers. You put them away in a special place and, when you need a quick boost of emotional B12, shake them out and gulp them down. Every now and then, a card arrives that is like a shell on the beach, a  ...

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