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This Is For The Heart.

This is for the rejected heart, the heart that aches with simultaneous anger and sadness, the heart that slows to the breath of aloneness and change, the heart of impermanence. The unrequited heart. The heart that wants and yearns and breaks.

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All Of You — Let The World Have It.

... we belong in places where art is created, where music is heard with passion, and love is felt so deeply that it breaks our hearts just to know that it exists. We belong on trains -- to have the feeling of being alive; of feeding that place in our hearts that must be free. To be free… We are  ...

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Submerged: Let Yourself Feel Deeply.

There is no definitive timeline. Love is timeless and never-ending, and so are the remains of friendships and love. It is truly the only thing that remains from our lives, our connections and how we impacted people. It is never a grand definition of character but all the small moments that remain.

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