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Angry Birds: 5 Reasons To Let It Go.

I tried to startle the bird away, communicate with him, and use compassion. Nothing seemed to work. He was determined. It is painful to watch someone we love be consumed by anger. It’s hard to observe loved ones hitting the wall or going back for another round of a painful lesson. After all,  ...

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Ebb And Flow. {poetry}

Not in the past, where mistakes and failures lie in wait to torment you with reminders of where you weren't good enough, of all the ways you failed. And not in the future, where a million fears are ready to pounce and weigh you down in the incessant possibilities of ways in which life can go wrong.

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The Fairy Tale We Dream Of Is Now.

As soon as you stop carving through the caverns of your soul, trying to find something more, the world, and all of its high hopes and searches for meaning, will simply cease to exist. We will walk around, empty shells under the palm trees of delusion that this picture of paradise is all we have  ...

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Today, I Just Want To Be Grateful.

I won't pretend I am particularly fond of the pain that seems necessary to continue evolving and healing. And depending on my mood at that moment, I might grumpily think "Yeah, right..." next time my ever-smiling Yoga teacher asks us to be filled with gratitude. But today I just want to be grateful

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you & me

Dear One, I Am So Proud Of You.

I see you working so hard, and building your life, but I know you’re still not satisfied. I see you crying at the end of the day, holding your pillow close to your chest as you bury your head down; as if to mute the tears of your soul so no one hears. But I do. And it pains me to see you in  ...

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