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You Make Me Want to… {poetry}

You make me want to learn Morse code, so that if we were ever bound and gagged and held hostage, we could tap out a plan to save ourselves and everyone else, and if the plan went wrong, I could spend the last moments of our lives looking at you and batting 'I love you' with my eyelashes over  ...

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you & me

I Want to Know Love Again.

I don’t want to get to know heartbreak again. I am through clinging to broken hearts, the ends of love songs, and falling in lust with passing souls on sidewalks. I am over trading my name for a drink and trading a night for company. I am done not being enough.

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From Shiver to Quiver, Dust to Lust.

I wonder what it’s like in your head, not just in your bed, where orgasms preside and emotional baggage is checked at the door. The bed you enter in the dark like a tornado, and escape from in the light like an illuminating lightning storm. The kind of storm one wants to get close to because of  ...

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Love At First Sight: A Misnomer.

I remember the moment I realized that I loved my girlfriend, now wife, like it was yesterday. I didn’t date much in high school and college. Talk to my therapist if you want to know about all of my issues, but I was insecure. I grew up in a home that didn’t express a lot of emotion. The moment  ...

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