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Faster Than My Heart. {poetry}

They said, go down and make miracles Make this world a better place Don't waste what we gave you Don't squander your talent And I don't know about you But any magic show I've ever seen Happened fast, faster than my eyes could believe And I think, I'm here to make magic, create change

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5 Ways Nursing Changed My Life.

Growing up Baptist, I've always believed in miracles. For some, it's hard to believe that Jesus walked on water, turned water into wine, and that He rose from the grave. I've never once doubted these biblical miracles... To say there is no God is crazy to me, because I've seen His work firsthand.

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you & me

How To Love A Sagittarius.

We are intense in everything that we do, this includes brooding. We will scare you and you will not understand where we’ve disappeared to, what deep chasm within ourselves we’ve slipped into to find solitude and room to expand; where we find the silence to think. Love us there, in that dark  ...

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