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How To Love A Sagittarius.

We are intense in everything that we do, this includes brooding. We will scare you and you will not understand where we’ve disappeared to, what deep chasm within ourselves we’ve slipped into to find solitude and room to expand; where we find the silence to think. Love us there, in that dark  ...

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Three Axles Or More. {poetry}

Yet, she steadies, ears on and always steady, a tenacious mistress, we awake in South Bend, all units secure a frantic heave from our bellies, US-31 to the end and finally the beginning assignment complete, our golden calf, away from her I step. Alone.

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Desperately Seeking A Sense Of Purpose.

I have always wanted to be heard. Not to achieve some modicum of glory or fame (not that I haven’t fantasized about the limelight, of course I have), but to feel like I’ve given the world something of value through my work. And I mean work that is deeply personal, not just a function of survival.

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