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Surrendering To The Warrior Circle Within.

As we dance together in this connected exchange of power and control, we instinctively realize that we are not isolated from one another, even in our mistakes. We truly recognize that we are comprised of the wisdom and spirit bestowed by those who have committed to guiding our journey, and that  ...

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I Don’t Love You. {poetry}

I don’t love you because my senses get heightened at the mere thought of you, or because my heart cannot beat if it isn’t for you, as my soul shines in anticipation of the presence of yours. I love you because a snowflake blinds my wait, and the morning dew fertilizes my thoughts of you.

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Hot And Bothered By Passion.

In my dance of stillness, I discovered many layers of unprocessed grief. I lovingly held and witnessed myself while traversing through every single one of them. As I fed these layers of grief to the fire of transformation, I began to notice more spaciousness within me. In this spaciousness, it  ...

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