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Are You a ‘Placitarian’?

Perhaps I'm a Placitarian: a human being who is very likely to fall in love with a town, city, place or location. The sight of a tree or smell of a flower is always more than I expect. I've never looked at a tree and thought, "Wow, that is so disappointing." Nature always satisfies.

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Why I Love ‘Grace And Frankie’.

I recently found myself with a bit more time on my hands and a need for some cheering up, after being laid off from a job I really loved. One night, after I got bored with watching The Holiday over and over again, I gave Netflix's 'Grace and Frankie' a shot. It was like my TV gave me a big hug.

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The Sweet Side Of Rejection.

I think passionate people may be some of the most prejudiced people. We live in a culture where being jaded, bored and not caring is the ultimate in coolness. If you like someone, don’t ask him/her out... no, wait at least 4-5 days. We are trained to be emotional minimalists. Caring is  ...

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