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Truths from Standing Rock Camp.

Native Americans have lived a culture that links them intimately to Mother Earth. Their prayers align with Her. They know Her, therefore they can understand when She needs protecting and honoring, when enough really is enough. Everyone should listen to their advice on how to proceed into the  ...

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Orlando: This Is how It Lands in Me.

When I was a teenager, just starting to question, there was a horrific crime committed in my hometown where two brothers broke into the house of a gay couple and murdered them while they slept in their bed. I believed then that it would never be safe for me to be out. As a teenager, I expected  ...

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Thank You For Not Calling.

Some wonder why I’m thanking someone who hurt me so deeply and forever changed my life. Buddha’s saying pretty much says it all, Holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. Holding on to that rage and sadness was only hurting myself.

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Mourning Through Drug Addiction.

Father Gary stood under his umbrella, reading scriptures from the Bible as everyone continued to cry a sad cry. Greg was only 28 years old when he overdosed. He had just been released from doing a three-month vacation in the county when he died in the bed of a girl who was merely a stranger to  ...

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