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Open Swim. {fiction}

Thomas was closer now. She could almost feel his breath. She wondered how he had moved so quickly without her noticing. “They’re beautiful,” Thomas said, “and that’s why. We’re not different. You run here to be quiet. I’m quiet all day because I’m tired of running.” Charlotte was breathing  ...

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Depression Is a Dirty Little Devil.

I have a beautiful friend. He has dedicated his life to working in developing nations. He goes to all those places that we read about in the news while we are safely snuggled up on our sofas. He gets evacuated from war zones, forced to leave behind locals with whom he has forged deep bonds. He  ...

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you & me

This Is For The Heart.

This is for the rejected heart, the heart that aches with simultaneous anger and sadness, the heart that slows to the breath of aloneness and change, the heart of impermanence. The unrequited heart. The heart that wants and yearns and breaks.

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The Wandering Tree. {fiction}

  Once, a tree unlike any other grew in the forest. As he grew, his roots dug deeper into the rich soil, his branches reached higher and higher into the sky, and his trunk grew thick and heavy. But as he looked around him at his neighbors of decades — even centuries — he felt unsatisfied.  ...

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