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The Splendor of Sexual Fantasy.

When growing up in our society, we experience many different types of shaming messages about sex, and often this shame can be brought right to the surface when faced with a desire or fantasy that you don’t want to have, but at the same time, is an authentic desire. This situation is when it  ...

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Orlando: This Is how It Lands in Me.

When I was a teenager, just starting to question, there was a horrific crime committed in my hometown where two brothers broke into the house of a gay couple and murdered them while they slept in their bed. I believed then that it would never be safe for me to be out. As a teenager, I expected  ...

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The Spaces Of Loneliness.

We won’t forget the unrelatable moments of emptiness. When the freedom we had once brandished as a flag turned into a freezing sword of guilt, of having left what we once had. When the fog around us got too thick, too thick to see anything, when fear knocked back on our doors, to suck all our  ...

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