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Do Not Look Away. {poetry}

If your own heart is broken beyond belief, if you have lost someone dear to you to a heart attack, accident, stillbirth, or cancer, and it has thrown your life into the hamper, allow those who love to come and care for you. Do not look away.

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a world

Don’t Rush Away The Unworthy Woman.

The unworthy woman is a force, an energy, a song-line. She'll hurl your into exile, desert, and silence. She'll wrap you up in shitty newspaper, and watch you drift down the river screaming. Ruthless. However, without her, we have this deep yearning for a deeper life. Without her, we're colorless.

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you and me

How To Love A Sagittarius.

We are intense in everything that we do, this includes brooding. We will scare you and you will not understand where we’ve disappeared to, what deep chasm within ourselves we’ve slipped into to find solitude and room to expand; where we find the silence to think. Love us there, in that dark  ...

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