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Reclamation of Faith, Heart and Spirit.

My indoctrination had sorted me into a belief system that worshiped a patriarchal god whose texts subjugated women, enabling a patriarchal society where that subjugation could continue to varying degrees across the globe. And the funny thing is, for the longest time, I still wanted to believe  ...

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Her Spirit Runs Wild. {poetry}

There is no time to wish upon shooting stars For he loves me, he loves me not She plucks each and every petal with no worry of the thorns She would rather bleed and lick her paw than cower from danger Her spirit, once shackled, now runs wild She is feral and untamed

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The Other Side of Her Illness.

What they didn't tell her about the other side is that upon arrival, the journey isn't over. It's not the end of the road, and it's not somewhere over the rainbow. Every day she climbs a mountain of thoughts. And she has to descend, wading through them again, before the sun goes down so she can  ...

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you & me

The Gift Of Nothing.

A funeral’s a celebration though. We lose sight of that. A funeral can be a beautiful thing, calling to mind the heart of the journey; the victories; how we prevailed; those we touched; what we overcame and of course, who we became.

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